Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's been too long

I can't believe how ling it has been since I last entered a post here 4 months. Sheesh!!!!!. we've been getting ready for Christmas. I put up the 7 ft artificial tree a few days after Thanksgiving. It looks pretty good considering that the cat is having a blast climbing in the lower branches and sleeping there. Keith has been shopping eBay for lots of Trains. He is quite a collector of the Lionel "O" gauge trains. we found him a Lionel tee shirt in Walmart the other day and today I ordered him an Engineer's cap on eBay. It won't be here for Christmas, but He will probably have it before New Years. Another cat adopted us since I was last here,Keith named him Grubby because he looked pretty grubby when we firest saw him. He was such a friendly little guy we couldn't resist him. But he is definitely and outdoor cat. He doesn't like to use the litter box except to poop. He pee'd in the house a few times I guess, You just can't not recognize that smell.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation 2009 Sunriver, Oregon

In June we went on vacation to Sunriver, Oregon and had a great time. We bicycled, swam and just relaxed for 8 days. In the photos above, #1 Is Keith between two Corvettes, the blue 2002 is ours, the red 2003 50th anniversary model belongs to the man who was in the next unit of our condo. Photo #2 is me. Photo #3 is taken at a place where we stopped to rest as we bicycled around the airport, it is the Deschutes river. What a beautiful and peaceful place to rest. We had boarded the dogs at Puppy Love before we left and the neighbor across the street fed the cat. When we were on the road traveling to Sunriver on June 13th, we stopped just south of Creswell at the rest stop. Getting back into the car it would not start, Keith called the dealer in Eugene to see if we could get it in on a Saturday for repair. Then called a tow truck and found out it was only the battery, he jumped the battery and sent us on our way. We went to the Firestone store in Eugene and got a new battery and proceeded on our way arriving at Sunriver Resort at 5:30pm. On the following Saturday we went to a car show and concert at the Sunriver Village Mall. The mall is just a few shops and restaurants plus a little grocery store where the people fromthe resort go to shop while they are there vacationing.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Moving To Oregon

Next weekend I will be moving to Oregon, I have been so busy packing and getting other things taken care of that I have not been here to post anything. I'm taking some online classes in Stepping Stones Through PSP and that has occupied most of my computer time. I am learning so much more than I did when I took classes a few years ago, it is really taking me in depth to the PSP program and everything that it does. before I just learned how to edit photos and also to make graphics and stationery without knowing the ins and outs of the program..

I will go up to get Keith on Thursday and come back here on Friday pickup the truck on Saturday, load up and take off, he is driving the truck and the dogs are riding with me in the car. I will take my computer up on Thursday and maybe get it set up on Friday before we come back here, I will have time while Keith is at work on Friday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tomorrow is my 69th birthday. Geez I don't feel like 69 years old. I am having a facial with my Mary Kay consultant and trying out the new Mineral makeup. Keith will be arriving here around 4:30 or 5 pm, we are going out to dinner to have Mexican food. I really like Mexican food but I have to be careful to remember Portion contro!!!, since I am still involved in the contest at Curves. I have only lost 1½ pounds. This is disappointing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Curves Contest

We are starting a contest at Curves tomorrow to see how much weight our four person teams can lose in 6 weeks. We are to workout at least 3 days per week, (I go 5 days) keep a food journal and show it to staff once per week. We had to buy in for $10.00 each and the team that loses the most weight wins the pot to be divided between the team members. I need to lose at least the 10lbs I am up from this time last year, however to lose it in 6 weeks is going to be hard. Whatever I lose will be a blessing maybe I can at least get back into my size 14 Levis.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Friends and Friends?

The last two days I have spent a lot of time on the computer writing to friends and dumping a lot of things on them there were on my mind. Praise God for the few friends who do not judge and will listen and send good thoughts my way. Much needed prayers from those friends mean so much to me. Just being able to tell them anything and not have them look down on me from someplace they have never been, understand, or even imagined takes a special friend. I have been there already, picked myself up and changed my life getting rid of the past, and moved on to a better life. So much that many of you do not know, or have ever even dreamed of having lived through and would never understand.
Been there, done that., no t-shirt.

I am so tired of the high and mighty legalistic so called Christian friends that look down on me from their ivory tower, for going to live with the man who loves me and that I love. They have no comprehension of what it does to a person who has been physically, mentally and emotionally abused to the point of being completely broken. They have no knowledge of the hideous men who terrorize women to that end. Then they condemn me for not getting married, and tell me I am going to hell if I move in with Keith without being married. Bull S---, Happiness, the love of a good man who treats me right is all that matters to me at this stage of my life.

Praise God for the "True" Christian friends, who do not judge anyone and care about me just the same as always. They are the friends I will keep.